Using PDF documents instead of paper copies is a great way to start saving B budget in these challenging economic times. It's also much more environmentally responsible, we waste tons of paper every year, most of it ends up in landfills, not recycle bins.

This is where paper comes from, a clearcut in Coastal Oregon/California/Washington. Looks nice, huh? Using .pdf documents helps avoid this type of nastiness.

Also, from a pedagogical perspective, it makes more sense, many students do not want paper copies, their learning style is more attuned to using the computer as a virtual learning environment. Personally, I don't like paper copies, I usually end up recycling them, because I'm the type of learner that prefers things on my computer screen. Students that do need paper copies can print them out at home - let's face it, we are under no moral or legal obligation to provide every single student with a paper copy of every single handout, just as we don't provide textbooks. I am very sure that most taxpayers would agree with that statement 100% - since our students only pay $12.00 per unit (at least now), they are not getting close to paying for the service they receive, that is supported by taxpayers. It's not asking too much to have them print out the documents they need at home, and it also gives them a great civics example about environmental responsibility.

If you create .pdf documents for your handouts, I will be happy to post them to a webpage where they can access them easily. It takes me less than a minute if you follow these easy instructions, and I'm happy to do it - supporting you is my job as Division Dean. I'm also a real tech geek and I actually enjoy it :-)

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