The Monday Morning Memo
The Voice of the Fine Arts & Communication Division at Foothill College

" Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand"
...Kurt Vonnegut

Monday, April 21, 2014, Volume XVII, Number 28

Spring Quarter Professional Development Events

Professional Development Leave Workshop
Tuesday, May 27 at 2:30 4 pm
Altos Room 2019 


Etudes Workshops

Making Your Online/Hybrid Course Accessible
Friday, April 25 at 11 am - 12 pm
KCI Room 4008

Etudes Certification Training
June 9, 10, and 11 at 8 am 12 pm

Quick Etudes Training (for on-campus classes only)
Thursday, June 5 at 8 am - 12 pm
KCI Room 4008

Online Course Development
Tuesday, June 17 at 11 am - 12 pm
KCI Room 4008



On-going, Year-round Professional Development

Plan and Attend Heritage Month Meetings and Events

EMPLOYEES are needed for STUDENT-LED Heritage Month Planning
Committees to plan a whole month of events!

       Cultural celebrations occur at Foothill from January through June

o   January is Jewish Heritage Month

o   February is Black History Month

o   March is Women's History Month

o   April is Asian Pacific Islander Month

o   May is Latino Heritage Month

o   June is LGBT Month!

       Heritage Month Planning

o   Committees meet weekly for an average of 6 months to year-round. Faculty/staff can earn PAA/PGA credit for planning and attending the Heritage Month events. 

o   To get involved, please contact Erin Ortiz (x7060).

Become a Club Advisor

Club Advisors are required for a Club to exist. Club Advisors sign up committing to be present at official club meetings, events and to sign on the account. Most Clubs meet weekly, not during Summer. Foothill typically has 50 per quarter that include Academic, Athletic, Departmental, Political, Recreational, Religious, Social and Special Interest. To get involved, please contact Erin Ortiz (x7060).

Faculty and Staff Mentor Exchange

We now have an easy way for faculty and staff to share their expertise. This is an online learning community where you can get help from peers, 24/7, for free.

Join the Foothill College Faculty and Staff Mentor Exchange

1.     Go our Mentor Exchange.

2.     Click Register now and complete the form. Be sure to write down the password you created!

3.     You will receive an email that your Mentor Exchange site membership has been approved within 24 hours

4.     Return to the Mentor Exchange site and Log In

5.     For peer guidance, post a question to the group and in return, respond to questions posted by others.

Professional Development by Request (please contact Judy Baker at

       CCC Confer Videoconferencingtraining

       Course Studio training

       Go2Knowledge Webinars are available on-demand for Foothill College employees.

       At-Risk Populations

       Campus Safety

       Organizational Development

       Student Success

       Teaching and Learning


Today Is The Census
The Census is due.  Please log in to your portal and select Faculty>My Class List>2014 Spring Foothill>Go.

Now, click on the name of your class(es).  Select all students who have not attended or participated by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name (just logging in to an online class does not constitute participation, they must have done some work at this point to continue in the class).

If you have such students, click on "drop students" on the toolbar.

Now click on "sign census" on the toolbar.

Next to turning in grades in a timely fashion, this is the most important thing we, as instructors, do!  Thanks for taking care of this most important function of the college.

Mardi Gras Hosted By Robert Hartwell This Week
This week, we will be hosted by Music Instructor extraordinaire Robert Hartwell!  There are plenty of opportunities to host Mardi Gras this quarter, so sign up in the copier room!

Got An Item?
Are you performing or exhibiting somewhere? Giving a presentation? I'll be happy to put it in the MMM! Items run once, so try to send it to me the week before your event.