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Monday, October 20, 2014, Volume XVIII, Number 6

Foothill Theatre Arts Presents "First Person Shooter"
By Aaron Loeb
Directed by Tom Gough

Originally produced by San Francisco Playhouse
Bill English, Artistic Director/Susi Damilano, Producing Director

Origially Commissioned and developed by PlayGround
Jim Kleinmann, Artsitic Director, San Francisco, CA

The proprietors of a successful Silicon Valley video game company are under siege in both the media/court of public opinion as well as civil court because the perpetrator of a racially charged school shooting incident identified one of their games as inspiration for his actions. Timely, gripping and intense, this story vividly examines the nature of such incidents dominating headlines of the recent past.

Audience Note: This show contain adult language.

Assistant direction by Elizabeth Stimson; Scenic Design by Ben Sanders; Costume Design by Carole Clever; Lighting Design by Sean Kramer; Video Projection by Mirek Marcinkowski; Properties Design by Katherine Arguello; Sound Design by Matt Vandercook; Stage Management by Fernanda de Carvalho.

Featuring: Jytte Galsgaard as Tamar; David Kirk as Tommy; David Morales as Daniel; Jacob Weissman-Sharer as Kerry; Marley Westley as Rose.

With: Alexandra Allen, Melissa Baxter, Amanda Camillo, Tara Harte-Rodriguez, Steven Ho, Frederic Lagerblad, Anna Lee, Nick Louie, Chris Macrae, Sam Nachison, Sean Okuniewicz and Gabriel Omega.

Friday, November 7 - Sunday November 23 in the fabulous Lohman Theatre

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Foothill Campus Abroad In London
I visited London the week of October 4 to visit our Campus Abroad Program at the University of London.  Music Theatre Instructor Milissa Carey and Language Arts Instructor Scott Lankford are leading our students in Foothill classes as well as helping them get to know London.  The program is amazing, our students are having an incredible experience visiting London, traveling in the UK and France, and the staff of AIFS, the company we are partnering with to facilitate the program, are awesome!

This is a wonderful experience for both students and instructors!  I encourage you to spread the word about Campus Abroad to any and all interested students for our Campus Abroad Program in Florence next Fall!

Mighty Owls This Week
Women's Soccer at Foothill vs. MPC Friday 4:00 PM
Women's Volleyball at Foothill vs. Canada Wednesday 6:30 PM
Men's Soccer at
at Foothill vs. Las Positas Friday 1:30 PM
Women's Water Polo Wednesday at Cabrillo 3:30 PM
Women's Water Polo at Foothill vs. DeAnza Friday 3:30 PM
Men's Football
at Foothill vs. DVC, Saturday 1PM
What Happened to Mardi Gras?
In my transition to running the East side of the campus,
Mardi Gras fell off my radar, sorry!  I can start it again, as Stephanie mentioned many of you have asked her.  BUT I really need to hear from you about it as no one has asked me.  If you would like to see Mardi Gras return, please email me!

Got An Item?
Are you performing or exhibiting somewhere? Giving a presentation? I'll be happy to put it in the TT! Items run once, so try to send it to me the week before your event.