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The Voice of the Fine Arts & Communication Division at Foothill College

"The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf "
...Will Rogers

Monday, April 14, 2014, Volume XVII, Number 27

Spring Quarter Professional Development Day - Focus on Equity
Please join us for the spring quarter professional development day, Friday April 18th 9:00am - 2:00pm located in rooms in the 8000 buildings!  Dr. Estela Mara Bensimon from USC is an expert on equity issues in higher ed. and will be giving the keynote.  It is not required to register to attend, but to receive a FREE LUNCH you must register.

Register now at

No Mardi Gras This Week
No one is signed up to host Mardi Gras tomorrow, but since it's tax day, most of us will be in mourning, anyway.  Next week we will be hosted by Music Instructor extraordinaire Robert Hartwell!

Art Historian Elizabeth Consavari Presents
Art Historian Elizabeth Consavari just returned from having presented a paper at the annual meeting for the Renaissance Society of America in New York. Her session was entitled, "Art, Architecture, and the Artist in Renaissance Venice I: Mapping the Workshop and Artistic Legacy." She analyzed a document she recently discovered which sheds new light on the Venetian artist's workshop. She will continue to work on this issue this summer as she prepares an article for publication.

Add Code and Enrollment Information
Add codes are found in your portal, under faculty>class list>add codes.  If you give an add code to a student, be sure they understand they must complete the registration process with A&R.  Many students who may be entering college for the first time assume that when you give them an add code, they are automatically enrolled.

Be sure everyone sitting in your class is enrolled and on your class roster!  Unenrolled students cannot sit in your class under any circumstances.  If they seem confused, direct them to the Division Office and we will help them.

Office Security
Do not leave valuables in your office.  Even laptops should be locked down when you are not in your office.  There have been several incidents of offices being compromised and things mysteriously disappearing lately and I would hate to see you lose something you need.  ALWAYS have a backup of your data, in any case!

Campus Abroad Info
Please pass this along to your students:

Take English, Music, and Theater courses in London for Foothill GE and fully-transferable UC/CSU credit!

Information Sessions

Meet the Profs, ask questions, learn about courses and facilities

  • WED, April 16 12 Noon - Rm 1501 Appreciation Hall
Total ten-weeks in London!
Required Pre-departure Meeting Tuesday Aug 12th
Students Depart SFO-London Saturday Sept 27th
Students Return from London to SFO Saturday Dec 6th

COSTS: $6625 Program fee
  • includes shared lodging in South Kensington
  • includes breakfast plus use of kitchen
  • includes transit passes and scheduled field trips in London
$575 Optional RT airline ticket (plus taxes and fuel surcharges)
Foothill College Tuition (12 units minimum)
Some forms of financial aid may be available

Scott Lankford, Dept of English, Foothill College Email:
Milissa Carey, Dept of Theater and Music, Foothill College Email:

"Composition and Reading" 5 Units
"Honors Composition and Reading 5 Units

"Composition, Critical Reading, and Thinking" 5 Units

"Honors Comp Critical Reading & Thinking" 5 Units

"Advanced Composition" 4 Units

"Honors Advanced Composition" 4 Units

"Children's Literature" 4 Units

"Traveling the World through Literature" 4 Units

"Introduction to Literature" 4 Units

"History of Musical Theater" 4 Units

"Introduction to Theater" 4 Units

"History of Dramatic Literature" 4 Units

Got An Item?
Are you performing or exhibiting somewhere? Giving a presentation? I'll be happy to put it in the MMM! Items run once, so try to send it to me the week before your event.